Beauty Under a New Light

Triple Action

  • Laser action
  • Mechanical massage
  • Localized cooling

Multiple Applications

  • Cellulite treatment
  • Pre- and post-liposuction
  • Facial smoothing
  • Body smoothing
  • Enhances microcirculation
  • Therapeutic massage

Tri-Active LaserDermology is the result of the newest technology, incorporating three different methods (Triple Action) for restoring a normal balance to the skin and outer layers, including smoothing and tightening.

This Triple Action treatment is designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite through the combined action of mechanical massage, localized cooling and deep laser stimulation.

Triple Action Results: A Smooth and Tightened Body and Younger-Looking Face

  • Deep Laser Action—The action of the six diode lasers enhances microcirculation.
  • Mechanical Massage—The deep massaging and stimulating action on the subcutaneous tissue may result in a tighter appearance in the treated areas.  This can be particularly noticeable when the treatments are done before and after liposuction procedures.
  • Localized cooling—Cooling aids in smoothing the appearance of cellulite.


Smoothing and tightening can be accomplished in most areas of the body, including the face.  These benefits are enhanced when combined with a healthy diet (including sufficient fluid intake) and exercise (including yoga and tai chi).

The Tri-Active LaserDermology system is the answer for cellulite treatment, liposuction support before and after procedures.  Two special "fatigue-free" hand pieces—for large and small areas—are ergonomically designed for ease of use.  Body areas can include specific areas, such as the midriff, that have undergone recent liposuction surgery; larger areas prone to cellulite such as thighs and buttocks; small areas such as the face and neck.  And the Triple Action technology was developed to treat all body types.

A radiant appearance at any age.  Tri-Active systems, originally developed three years ago by laser scientists in Italy, are in use all over the world.  Physicians, spas, and other health specialists have used this innovative technology in thousands of individuals to uncover glowing skin.  With just a series of procedures, Tri-Active LaserDermology may enhance the appearance of skin, making it feel smoother and more radiant.

A glowing appearance.

Facial and neck treatments result in a healthy- looking appearance.

A smoother face.

The reduction of appearance of wrinkles and the relaxing action on the skin help refresh the face.

New look for your skin.

Thanks to the mechanical massage, the deep laser stimulation, and the localized cooling, facial tissue will appear more relaxed and balanced with a fresh glow.  Perfect just before and important event, such as a wedding or class reunion!


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