Background and History  

Endermologie® was originally developed in France in the 1980s as a treatment for adherent scars. (Adherent scars result when the skin is damaged by repeated infection or ulceration, so that scar tissue becomes attached to the skin’s underlying layers.) Endermologie® was developed as an alternative method to surgery for  freeing the scar.

In the process of freeing the scar tissue, many patients observed reduction of body dimensions and improvement in skin texture. Since then, Endermologie® has been used as a treatment to achieve cellulite reduction and skin toning.


Find Your New Smoother, More Desirable Body

We help you find a new you because with LPG Endermologie® we:

  • Help you to bring back the smooth skin you once had, to increase your attractiveness and physical appeal.
  • Help you to maximize your potential to reach the ideal shape for your size, age and body type, so that you look better in and out of your clothes.
  • Help you to relieve minor muscle aches and pain after work or play.
  • Improve your circulation, which is beneficial to every part of your body.
  • Reduce the size of areas of your body where often diet or exercise has not been able to do so.
  • Reshape your body after pregnancy.
  • Relax away painful muscle spasms.

How Endermologie® Makes the Difference

How does Endermologie® help you to improve your looks, appeal, self-confidence and body shape and size?

Endermologie® is a patented technique employing a mechanized device with two motorized rollers and regulated suction. This non-surgical and non-invasive device creates a symmetrical skin fold, which allows deep tissue mobilization to occur and results in reduction of cellulite and loss of inches.

The Endermologie® experience is a comprehensive, non-surgical approach, which embraces the physical and aesthetic needs of your whole body using a patented technique that is proven safe and effective.

Endermologie® is an easy, healthful and comfortable alternative to liposuction, body wraps and messy creams. It is an amazing solution to the problem of cellulite. European women  for more than 10 years have used Endermologie® both to reduce cellulite and to increase natural circulation.

Cellulite Reduction and Slimming Medi-Spa offers you a money-back guarantee that you will receive the benefits Endermologie® provides. To see optimum results, a course of 15 to 20 sessions is recommended.

Endermologie® combines:

  • LPG®-patented therapeutic massagers that produce for you an amazing sense of relaxation and increased circulation.
  • Specific maneuvers that work various layers of your skin to stretch connective fibers under your skin to reduce water buildup.
  • Individualized protocols applied over the whole body that use suction and move the skin layers to rebalance connective tissue that has been pulled toward the skin's surface.
  • Programs are adapted to specific cellulite conditions to reduce the laxity of tone of connective tissue and to reduce the strain on fat globules that cause a dimpled appearance of the skin.

You will wear a body stocking as one of our friendly, discrete and able technicians gently glides the suctioning rollers over your body, concentrating on affected areas.

During the fifteen to twenty 35 to 45-minute sessions you will experience a deep massage that will improve your circulation more than three times as much as would a manual massage.

Endermologie® uses rollers and gentle suctioning to deeply massage your affected areas, increasing the circulation by 200%, compared with 60% for manual massage. Endermologie® helps your body to expel toxins and abnormal water buildup while stretching the connective fibers under the skin that have grown lax.

The dimpled appearance of the skin is caused by fat globules and lax connective tissue that have been pushed toward the skin's surface.

Typically, the thighs or buttocks appear smoother and smaller after several sessions. In some clients, the abdomen area is also reduced in circumference after several sessions. These changes are a happy alternative to surgery, with its downtime and scarring.

Photographs Chronicle Your Progress to Smoother Skin and Smaller Measurements

Before and After Photographs

As you can see from these genuinely untouched photographs, there is a phenomenal improvement in the appearance of the cellulite of these subjects.

The photographs are taken to provide an accurate record of improvements and to help the Endermologie® practitioner provide better treatments through comparative analysis. No one but you and the Endermologie® staff will see your photos. (The pictures you see here were used with permission.) Although we strongly recommend that you have photographs taken, you are by no means required to do so.

Just for Men

Powerful Endermologie® Massage

With Endermologie® blood flow is stimulated increasing the circulation by 200% (manual massage increases the circulation by 60%). Endermologie® uses rollers and gentle suctioning to provide deep massage, increasing blood circulation to all parts of the body. Stiff, tense muscles are soothed. Nerves are calmed and stress and anxiety are reduced as a sense of well being is found.

The LPG therapeutic massager is a one-of-a-kind device approved by the FDA that utilizes a patented technique. Two motorized rollers combined with powerful suction deeply affect your skin. As a result, connective tissues are lifted, blood circulation is immediately improved, and your muscles are relieved of minor aches and pains.

Who performs the massage?

Specially trained technicians will customize a massage for you, choosing from a repertoire of therapeutic maneuvers designed for each part of your body. Each session lasts from 35 to 45 minutes. Two sessions a week are recommended for at least the first 7 weeks.

Many, if not most, professional athletes rely on massage to help them recover from injuries and muscle soreness. Nearly 200 massage therapists provided massages to Olympic athletes, as part of the official medical services team, during the summer games in Atlanta in 1996, and massage therapists in large numbers also provided their services to athletes at the Sydney Games in 2000. Increasingly, companies are offering massages at work. Employees who sign up for massages report feeling not only less stressed, but more alert.

An Endermologie® Massage is an excellent way to stimulate poor blood circulation to the organs, and helps blood flow more freely through the blood vessels and body organs.

Let the powerful Endermologie® massager promote local blood circulation that helps supply more oxygen to the local tissues, organs and joints.

To Ease and Sooth Your Face After a Long Hard Day

The Lift 6 Cosmécanique® concept is available for men too. The preparations applied, to improve the quality of the epidermis and exercise the muscles of the face for more tone and elasticity.

Give the man in your life a Cellulite Endermologie® Center gift certificate to benefit the both of you.



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